Trade rumor season is in full effect. A favor hobby of many is to play the game of how many trade pieces it takes to nab a top line winger, center, goalie etc. A prospect that has brought quite a bit of attention in those rumors is the center Robert Thomas.

Chances are if you keep up with Thomas then you know about his recent five game suspension handed down by the OHL. He’s served two games so far on the over the top slash but that shouldn’t reflect his overall play this season. The young center has been valuable to both the London Knights and Hamilton Bulldogs in 2017-18.

The 18 year old racked up 46 points in 27 games and post trade to Hamilton Thomas has 10 points in nine contests. Sure the numbers are a bit what you’d expect in junior but the prospect continues to grow into his game.

If the Blues dare to trade him away for an asset they can slot in the present the risk of once again having center issues down the road may rise up again. Its taken years but the Blues finally have a few young centers in their depth pool at the AHL and junior levels of hockey. So does that mean they can allow themselves to let one go? Well not exactly. Just like most things in life you want quality over quantity.

Not every player will grow into a standout in the lineup so any trade with a prospect attached to it shouldn’t be taken lightly. You just never know what they’ll grow into until…well it happens.


Thomas stood out in preseason this past fall but the likelihood of seeing him wear the note anytime soon is still slim. Also due to CHL rules and regulations that also means you’ll see him in an OHL uniform next season and not playing for the San Antonio Rampage. But I’ll tell you this, if the Blues hold back their temptation to trade Thomas away, this draft pick will pay off big time.

He’s everything you’d want in a player for todays NHL. Just needs more seasoning. Don’t let a mistake as an 18 year old change you view or make you think Thomas is more expendable. This one is a player you should hope the Blues keep around.

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